1. The Wire

From the recording A/B

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The Wire

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Produced by The Wonderful Nobodies
Written by Lacy Green
Engineering, Mixing & Mastering by Aaron Williams

Lead Vocals, Background Vocals: Lacy Green / Acoustic Guitars, Banjo: Seth Taylor / Electric Slide Guitar, Drums, Bass, Background Vocals, Percussion, Synthesizer: Aaron Williams


They begged her to quit
It's not worth the risk
It's a matter of when and not if
She said with a sigh
Is it worse to die
Or to not feel alive while you live?

She said besides, I'm not scared
Fixed the bow in her hair
And climbed the ladder back up
What do you say
To such a brave pretty face
So bound to something she loves

The jewel of the Saturday circus
Surrounded by chaos and clowns
The tightrope walker's trick
Is never looking down
Never looking down

You could hear a pin drop
You could hear a heart stop
As she gracefully stepped off the steel
Look how she floats
Watch how her toe
Lines up squarely with the back of her heel

She was almost halfway
When she started to sway
Due to a strong gust of wind
She shook in the knees
And that look of ease
Was replaced with one much more grim

The jewel of the Saturday circus
Surrounded by chaos and clowns
The tightrope walker is
Hurdling fast towards the ground
Fast towards the ground

A couple days later
The photo in the paper
Showed a girl with a bow in her head
The top headline read
Don't hold your breath
The jewel of the Saturday circus gets caught in a net

The reporter asked her
After this near disaster
Are you keen to give up this desire?
She said not at all
I'll get over the fall
But I'll never get over the view from the top of the wire