1. I'll Find You

From the recording A/B

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I'll Find You

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Produced by The Wonderful Nobodies
Written by Lacy Green & Mark Narmore
Engineering, Mixing & Mastering by Aaron Williams

Lead Vocals: Lacy Green / Electric Guitar: Seth Taylor / Acoustic & Slide Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys, Background Vocals: Aaron Williams


Like the honeysuckle finds the barbed wire fence
The orange finds the leaves when the summer ends
Like a rich man's baby finds a silver spoon
Wherever you are baby, I'll find you

Like the rust finds the bumper of an old Fairlane
Like a sad bridesmaid finds a glass of champagne
Like a long night of drinking finds a bad tattoo
Count on me baby, I'll find you

If ever this world should keep us apart
Hold on honey, wherever you are
Cause there ain't nothing that I won't do
No doubt about it baby, I'll find you

If you get lost inside of your dreams
If you trip and fall into a time machine
If you get in a bind that you can't undo
And you can't get home baby, I'll find you

And when our time on earth is done
And our souls get shot from that soul shooting gun
And you're speed of light flying, right past the moon
Wherever you land baby, I'll find you

So don't cry honey when they bring our check
I promise in this life and the next
Like a mockingbird finds a spring time tune
Wherever we're headed baby, I'll find you
Count on me baby, I'll find you